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 Featured in State Gifts USA

Jill’s Jams & Jellies: From Cumming, GA near Atlanta, this small family run company creates an amazing variety of specialty food products, including (of course) jams, jellies, fruit butters, condiments, pickles, and relish.

It’s the relish we’d like to spotlight here, because a neighbor of ours brought us back a jar from a visit to the Atlanta area. Specifically, their Dixie Relish, made with bell peppers, mustard seed, cabbage, onions, vinegar, and celery seed. It’s sort of like a Chow Chow, which Jill’s makes as well, and it can be used in a variety of ways. We enjoyed it atop a grilled sausage sandwich with a bit of mustard and also mixed it in with some store bought potato salad to give it a dose of personality!

And if you’re into unique flavored jams as we are, check out the selection at Jill’s website and online store. There are a few you’ve probably never heard or thought of, like Butternut Squash & Vanilla Jam, Apple Cinnamon Rum Jelly, and Cherry, Hazelnut, and Kahlua Jam. All sorts of gift packages are available, and be sure not to forget to pick up some Dixie Relish!