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JELLY is made from juice extracted from the fruit whether by crushing soft fruit or simmering water for harder fruits. It is a translucent gel with a flavorful and fresh taste.
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ABC Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Apple Cider Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Apple Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Apple Kiwi Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Apple Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Apricot and Hot Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
APRICOTJELLY - Apricot Jelly 8 oz.
APRICOTPEACHJELLY - Apricot Peach Jelly 8 oz.
BEETJELLY - Beet Jelly 8 oz
Berries and Hot Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Blackberry Apple Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Blackberry Jelly www.jillsjam.com
BLUEBERRYANDHOTPEPPERJELLY - Blueberry & Hot Pepper Jelly 8 oz.
Blueberry Jelly www.jillsjam.com
CANDYAPPLEJELLY - Candy Apple Jelly 8 oz.
Cayenne Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Cheery Cherry & Strawberry Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Cherry & Hot Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Cherry Jelly at www.jillsjam.com
CLOVER-JELLY - Clover Jelly 8 oz
CORNCOBJELLY - Corn Cob Jelly 8oz
Cran - Strawberry Jelly  www.jillsjam.com
Cranberry & Hot Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Cranberry Apple Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Currant & Hot Pepper Jelly www.jillsjam.com
Dandelion Jelly www.jillsjam.com
ELDERFLOWERANDVANILLAJELLY - Elderflower & Vanilla Jelly 8 oz
ENDOFTHEDAYJELLY - End of the Day Jelly 8 oz.
FIGJELLY - Fig Jelly 8 oz
Garlic Jelly at www.jillsjam.com
GRAPEJELLY - Grape Jelly 8 oz.
Grapefruit Jelly
GREENPEPPERJELLY - Green Pepper Jelly 8 oz.
HABANEROJELLY - Habanero Jelly 8 oz.
HERBEDONIONJELLY - Herbed Onion Jelly 8 oz.
honeysuckle jelly www.jillsjam.com
ISLANDFRUITANDHOTPEPPERJELLY - Island Fruit & Hot Pepper Jelly  8 oz
JALAPENOJELLY - Jalapeno Jelly 8 oz.
KEYLIMEJELLY - Key Lime Jelly 8 oz
KOOL-AIDJELLY - Kool-Aid Jelly 8 oz
Kudzu Jelly by www.jillsjam.com
Lavender Jelly by jillsjam.com
Mango & Hot Pepper Jelly from www.jillsjam.com
MANGOJELLY - Mango Jelly 8 oz.
MARASCHINO-PEACHJELLY - Maraschino - Peach Jelly
MATRIMONYJELLY - Matrimony Jelly 8 oz.
MAYHAWJELLY - Mayhaw Jelly 8 oz.
MINTJELLY - Mint Jelly 8 oz.
Mountain Dew jelly at www.jillsjam.com
MUSCADINEJELLY - Muscadine Jelly 8 oz.
NECTARINEJELLY - Nectarine Jelly 8 oz.
PAPAYAANDHOTPEPPERJELLY - Papaya and Hot Pepper Jelly  8 oz)
PEACHANDHOTPEPPERJELLY - Peach and Hot  Pepper Jelly 8 oz.
PEACHAPPLEJELLY - Peach Apple Jelly 8 oz.
PEACHJELLY - Peach Jelly 8 oz.
PEACHLAVENDERJELLY - Peach Lavender Jelly 8 oz
PEARJELLY - Pear Jelly 8 oz.
PEPPERMINTCANDYJELLY - Peppermint Candy Jelly 8 oz.
PERKYONIONJELLY - Perky Onion Jelly 8 oz.
PINEAPPLEANDHOTPEPPERJELLY - Pineapple & Hot Pepper Jelly 8 oz.